OKMD : Mental Health Literacy

Category: Public Organization

Brand: OKMD

Year: 2023


Welcome to the empowering OKMD Career Bootcamp 2023: Mental Health Literacy, a transformative collaboration between Peace Please Studio and OKMD (Office of Knowledge Management and Development). As an autonomous public organization reporting to the Office of the Prime Minister in Thailand, OKMD has been championing continuous learning and supporting the creativity industry since its establishment in 2004. Together, we present an innovative online webinar and a thought-provoking panel discussion aimed at enhancing mental health literacy among participant.


Designing the OKMD Career Bootcamp 2023 presented a unique challenge. We aimed to create a dynamic online learning experience that educates and empowers participants on the vital subject of mental health literacy. Tailoring the content for both the webinar and panel discussion to be informative, engaging, and inclusive for a diverse audience required thoughtful planning and expertise.


Drawing on the expertise of Peace Please Studio and the support of OKMD, we crafted a powerful event encompassing both a webinar and a panel discussion on mental health literacy. Our program features insightful sessions led by mental health professionals during the webinar, promoting awareness and understanding of mental health topics, coping mechanisms, and self-care practices. The panel discussion invites esteemed experts to explore the future prospects of the mental health industry in Thailand, encouraging thought-provoking conversations and knowledge sharing.


The OKMD Career Bootcamp 2023: Mental Health Literacy has made a profound impact on participants and organizations alike. The event’s innovative approach to mental health education has garnered widespread acclaim, fostering a culture of open dialogue and empathy. By empowering participants with essential mental health knowledge, we contribute to a healthier and more supportive work environment, encouraging a greater focus on well-being within the creativity industry. As a result of this collaboration, individuals and organizations are better equipped to prioritize mental health, supporting the growth of a more resilient and compassionate society.

Peace Please recognizes the significance of mental health literacy as a crucial subject that warrants discussion. In pursuit of this, we actively participated in the ‘first step for therapist’ panel discussion at the OKMD mental health literacy 2023

Alongside three other experts, we delved into the methods of commencing a career as a professional therapist and explored the future prospects of the mental health industry in Thailand. Our company places great emphasis on contributing to the advancement of our country’s mental health sector. We eagerly anticipate a promising future for the mental health landscape in Thailand.