Nanmeebooks : Read Rest Recover

Category: Publishers

Brand: Nanmeebooks

Year: 2023


Welcome to the groundbreaking Thailand Mental Health Retreat, a visionary collaboration between Peace Please Studio and Nanmeebooks, Thailand’s renowned book publishers. Together, we present an enriching 3D2N experience nestled near Khaoyai National Park. The concept behind this retreat is “Read Rest Recover,” combining our partners’ strengths to provide a transformative journey of self-discovery and mental well-being.


Creating the first-ever Thailand Mental Health Retreat required a delicate blend of expertise from both Peace Please Studio and Nanmeebooks. Striving to design an immersive experience that harmoniously combined the therapeutic aspects of mental health with the joy of reading posed a unique challenge. We aimed to craft a program that would cater to diverse participants seeking rest, rejuvenation, and personal growth, all while fostering a supportive and understanding environmen


Drawing on Peace Please Studio proficiency in mental well-being and Nanmeebook wealth of literary knowledge, we meticulously curated the “Read Rest Recover” retreat. Our immersive program featured thoughtfully crafted mental health workshops, guided reading sessions, and mindfulness practices set amidst the tranquil beauty of Khaoyai National Park. The retreat provided a transformative space where participants could explore the power of literature, gain valuable insights from therapeutic sessions, and embark on a profound journey of self-exploration.


The impact of the Thailand Mental Health Retreat – Read Rest Recover surpassed all expectations, leaving a lasting impression on participants and our collective audience. The retreat garnered overwhelming awareness, reaching over 800,000 individuals through various media and digital platforms. The engagement was exceptional, with over 50,000 actively engaging and participating in discussions, sharing their experiences, and spreading the message of mental well-being.

The response to the retreat was overwhelmingly positive, with every room and ticket sold-out well in advance. Participants praised the transformative nature of the experience, reflecting in the retreat’s popularity and success. The collaboration succeeded in fostering a sense of community and emotional support, inspiring attendees to prioritize their mental well-being beyond the retreat.

This Mental Health Retreat – Read Rest Recover not only provided a sanctuary for self-discovery and healing but also set a precedent for future collaborations, as more individuals and organizations embrace the importance of mental health awareness and holistic well-being. This transformative retreat continues to leave a lasting impact on individuals’ lives, sparking meaningful conversations and collective action towards promoting mental well-being in our society.