Personal Solutions

Whether you’re seeking personal growth, guidance through challenging times, or simply a space to explore your emotions, our compassionate team is here to support and empower you every step of the way.

Treat yourself

Your mental well-being deserves personalized attention and care. At Peace Please, we are dedicated to providing a range of transformative services designed to support your individual needs and empower you on your journey towards inner peace.


Our team of passionate instructors and experts dedicates themselves to creating an environment that fosters peace.

Private Workshop

Experience a deeper focus within yourself, join Our Private Workshop with talented instructors and knowledgeable staff.

Private Counseling

A confidential and safe space where you can express your concerns, gain insights, and work collaboratively with professional psychologists.

Retreat (Over-night)

Recharge at our Mental Health Retreat with psychology workshops, mindfulness, and communal experiences to prioritize your wellness.

Looking for Corporate Solutions ?

Tailored psychology experiences customized for your company’s goals, culture, and limitations.