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  • Onsite & Online Counseling
  • Office Hour & Non-Office Hour
  • Counseling Topics
    • Work-related stress
    • Family relationships
    • Elderly care
    • Parenting
    • Relationships
    • Mental Health
    • etc.

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The health and well-being of employees are crucial because if employees have unresolved personal issues, these problems can have far-reaching effects on various aspects of their lives, including their work life. If employees cannot function normally, it will also impact the organization. Therefore, taking care of employees within the organization is essential.

Peace Please Studio recognizes the importance of employee well-being as well. That’s why we have designed a Counseling at Workplace to provide individual counseling sessions with psychologists (Private Counselling) to help alleviate employees’ internal anxieties. This program aims to empower employees to effectively deal with their problems and find solutions together.

What is the Counseling at Workplace?

The Counseling at Workplace is a services that offers psychological counseling with psychologists (Private Counselling) where employees can have one-on-one and private conversations. Examples of issues that psychologists can provide counseling for include work-related stress, family relationships, domestic violence, elderly care, parenting, relationships with loved ones or friends, financial problems, retirement planning, health-related issues like office syndrome, sleeplessness, eating disorders, mental health issues like burnout, grief, addiction, etc.

Benefits of the Counseling at Workplace for the organization

  • Reduces employee stress
  • Improves employees’ work performance and efficiency
  • Provides employees with a support system when they need help
  • Supports employees’ mental health within the organization
  • Increases employee satisfaction and happiness at work
  • Demonstrates that the organization cares about employee well-being
  • Improves the team and workplace environment
  • Motivates employees to work better
  • Helps attract talented employees to the organization
  • Positively impacts the organization’s image and reputation

Who provides counseling in the Counseling at Workplace ?

Our psychologists have gone through a selection and verification process by the organization, ensuring that they are qualified and experienced in providing counseling services.

Get to know our psychologists at Peace Please Studio here.

Why should you choose Peace Please Studio’s Counseling at Workplace ?

Because we believe that every employee’s mental well-being is of utmost importance. Additionally, we prioritize the principles used in the counseling process, which involves psychological processes directly related to emotions, making it a sensitive matter. Therefore, our counseling process adheres to established standards, supported by data, and widely used and tested globally to ensure that the individuals receiving counseling get the maximum benefits and feel emotionally secure throughout the process.

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