Computational and Cognitive Neuroscientist

Sarocha Thawonsinsurakun (Pla)

สโรชา ถาวรศิลสุระกุล (ปลา)

M.Sc. Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience,
Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Hungary

BA. Psychology,
Thammasat University

Pla is a Computational and Cognitive Neuroscientist, Lecturer, and Visual Artist currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. Her background in scientific research, coupled with her experience as an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist, provides her with a profound understanding of the human mind and behavior. Pla is passionate about sharing her interdisciplinary expertise in neuroscience and psychology to help people carve their unique paths and navigate their personal journeys towards mental well-being.


●  Guest Lecturer, Thammasat University

●  Former Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist, Center for Autism Recovery and Education (CARE Thailand)

●  Intern Clinical Psychologist, Srithanya Mental Hospital